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Frequently Asked Questions

Checkout our frequently asked questions below. If you still can’t find your answer, please use our contact email addresses.

About Ford Horizon

What is Ford Horizon?

Ford Horizon represents a new era in Ford communications. Think of it as a 'digital destination' where you'll discover in-depth content, interactive experiences, and immersive product reveals.

Where can I find all the small print?

Scroll down to the bottom of any page to find links to our Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy, and Terms & Conditions.

Managing my account

How do I join Ford Horizon?

Our teams across the world email out invitations for the events held on the platform, so keep an eye out for those. You will then be asked to join Ford Horizon as part of the sign up process for the first event you view. After that, you simply need to log in each time.

Can I request an invitation?

Email with your name, email address, country of residence, company, job title and a short overview of the event(s) you are interested in. Our team will respond as quickly as possible.

How do I close my Ford Horizon account?

Please send an email to stating that you wish to close your Ford Horizon account. One of our team will get in touch to confirm cancellation.

Why can't I log in?

First, try all the obvious solutions. Make sure you enter the correct email/password combination, bearing in mind that passwords are case sensitive. Check for any red error messages. Try reloading the page, making sure you're connected to the internet. Still no joy? Email us at and we will try to help.

How do I see the website in my language?

When you register for Ford Horizon, you will be asked to select your preferred language from a set of options. You can change this at any time by selecting a language at the top left (on a desktop) or in the menu (on mobile devices). Or you can update your 'Language Preference' in the 'My Profile' page.

Can I watch content in my language?

Film content will usually be in a specific language, although we do ocassionally add subtitles which will display in your preferred choice.

How do I change my password?

Click or tap 'Forgot Password' on the 'Login' screen, then enter the email address you used to register. This will generate an email containing a link to reset your password.

As a Ford employee, how do I register with my Ford SSO?

When you register, select the 'Ford Employee Login' option. This will launch your Ford Secure Web Logon form, which allows you to sign in with your existing account.

How do I manage my account through Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn?

Your preferred social media account offers a more seamless registration and login experience. Simply click the relevant social media button when you register. Should you wish to remove Ford Horizon from your social account, simply log into your social account and delete Ford Horizon from the list of authorised apps. See the Facebook/Google/LinkedIn help pages for more.

Experiences and Events

I’ve missed an event that I was invited to. Can I rewatch it?

If you confirmed your place we will automatically send a post-event email with a link to the recording. You can also log into your Ford Horizon account, where a list of shows available to watch on-demand is displayed on the home page.

How do I find out about the next event?

We will usually send a 'Save The Date' email before an event, followed by an invitation email with more details. You can also check our social media channels and, if you work at Ford, our internal digital comms.

Can I invite a friend to watch an event?

'Save The Date' emails give you the chance to let us know about any colleagues who might be interested in the event. Places can be limited on the day, but we usually make on-demand recordings available afterwards.

I can’t make it to the event. Can I cancel my attendance?

Yes please - it would be a great help if you can email so we can offer your place to someone else. Most events become available to watch on demand, so you will usually be able to view it at your convenience.

How do I ask a question to a Ford expert?

Some events contain a 'Q&A' area that allows you to ask questions to our experts. Some events also include Breakout Sessions, which give smaller groups the chance to speak 'face to face' with a panel of experts.

Where can I download pictures and videos of the event to use in a publication?

The event page will contain a link to media assets, usually held on our site.

I've cancelled my attendance but would now like to view the event. Can I get reinvited?

You will need to email us at to receive a new invitation. Each invite is unique and expires as soon as you register.

Technical Questions

Does Ford Horizon support my browser?

Ford Horizon is optimised for most modern browsers and devices. For desktop, we recommend using the latest Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Safari. For devices, we recommend using Chrome on Android and Safari on iPhone or iPad. Make sure your browser is up to date to enjoy the best experience.

Can I watch events on my phone or tablet?

Events can be viewed on your mobile phone or tablet device, although we strongly recommend watching on a desktop computer or laptop for the best experience.

Can I watch content with subtitles?

We will ocassionally stream events with subtitles, which will display in your selected language.

Can I watch different language streams if I'm using Firefox?

Yes. However, after you have changed the language using the language selection tool in the header, you will need to refresh the page. Unfortunately, this is an issue that is outside of our control and only affects Firefox browsers. All other supported browsers will display the correct livestream whenever you change the language.

Typed in-event Q&A / Polls

What is a 'Typed in-event Q&A'?

It allows you to type short questions directly to our experts during a Live Stream.

How does it work?

At specific points during the event we will open the 'Q&A' area next to the video player. It works like a chat, allowing you to type in a question or message, view messages from other viewers, and see direct replies from our team. You can choose to make your message 'Public' (all other viewers will see it) or 'Private' (only you and our team will see it).

Can I type anything...?

We encourage all questions, messages and opinions as long as they are constructive and related to the subject. Backstage moderators will review your contributions, with any messages deemed inappropriate automatically rejected.

Will I get a response?

It depends on the number of viewers and the volume of questions we receive, but our teams try to respond to as many questions as possible. Your questions may be similar to others being asked, so keep an eye out for those. Once the event has finished, our team will try to answer you by email wherever possible.

Will everyone see my question?

Use the 'Ask Private Question?' toggle to make a message 'Public' (all other viewers will see it) or 'Private' (only you and our team will see it).

There are so many questions from other viewers. How can I see mine?

Simply click or tap on the 'My Questions' tab at the top of the Q&A area.

How will I know if I get a reply to my question?

A 'bell' icon next to your 'My Questions' tab shows that one of our experts has responded.

Can I chat with other viewers?

No, you can only communicate with our backstage experts.

What is a 'Poll'?

A Poll lets you vote on a specific topic during a Live Stream.

How does it work?

At specific points during the event we will start a 'Poll' next to the video player. It might be to gauge opinion, or to test the knowledge of viewers. You will see a question together with a list of answers. Tap or click to highlight the answer you agree with, then tap or click 'Confirm' to submit. The results will soon follow and may be discussed during the stream.

Will my vote be anonymous?

Yes, completely.


Can I leave feedback on an event?

We usually send an email after each event containing a link to a short survey so you can share your opinion. If you would like to provide any additional feedback, please email

Will my feedback be anonymous?

Yes, always.

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